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My Reality

My Reality by Melissa Rycroft

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Best known as the girl who was proposed to by The Bachelor star Jason Mesnick and then dumped on national TV six weeks later, Melissa Rycroft immediately turned her life around. Now married to her original love, Tye Strickland, and expecting her first child, Melissa shares her “Cinderella” story of overcoming heartbreak and finding happiness.

     Melissa Rycroft got her start on the CMT reality TV series Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team and was selected for the 2006-2007 NFL Season. That’s when her personal life first fell apart, and the man that she was in love with broke up with her. To help her get over her heartbreak and overcome depression, her friends nominated her to participate as a contestant on The Bachelor. When Mesnick revealed that he was breaking his engagement off with her because he chose the wrong girl, she garnered a lot of respect for handling the shock with such grace and decorum even though she was angry and heartbroken. Two days later, Melissa clinched a spot on Dancing With The Stars, placing third in the competition, and reconciled with her true love. In a “girlfriend to girlfriend” voice readers love, Melissa shares entertaining stories and valuable survival tips from a woman who has “been there and back!”

The star of The Bachelor, Dancing With The Stars, and special correspondent for Good Morning America shares her story with warmth, enthusiasm, and humor.

About the Author

Melissa Rycroft, born in Dallas, Texas, is a reality TV star and former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. She participated as a contestant on CMT reality TV series Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team ABC’s The Bachelor, and Dancing with the Starsand is the co-host on The Bachelor Pad and a special correspondent for Good Morning America.


Love her! So relatable!

-By Krista

So today I was home from the office sick and what better way to spend being sick in bed? Finally having time to use my Amazon Gift Card that I’ve had for months and buy a book on my Kindle Fire!

I saw that Melissa’s new book came out and even though I’m not a big Bachelor fan, I did watch the train wreck of a season Melissa was part of. I enjoyed her on Dancing With the Stars so I figured I would spend today reading Melissa’s Reality…WOW!

I mean before reading her book I thought of Melissa as the girl next door, that had bad relationships and was looking for a new way to meet someone. She did, fell in love and in return she was hearbroken for ratings. Then she meets a guy from the past to pick up the pieces. They get married and the rest is history, right?

Now…I read the entire book and my opinion of Melissa has DRASTICALLY changed! I felt like I was reading the “He’s Just Not That Into You” movie in book form! The way Tye treated her during their entire relationship is embarassing. She was perfectly fine with being his call/go-to girl and never pressed the issue because she was that needy and feared him ignorning her. Instead the book is filled with excuses and reasons for this behavior.

Melissa then proceeds to go onto the Bachelor when she knows Jason’s backstory. He is a single Dad actually looking for a good relationship. I’m not a Jason fan but come on, Melissa was in no position to be going on that show and wasting his time. After reading the book and seeing her “wearing the first heart necklace Tye got her” as a “sign” to Tye is a huge RED FLAG that she is like the slew of others that go on the show for the WRONG reasons! She never thought of the Bachelor or Jason as real. It was her “getaway from Tye” because he was deciding not to answer her phone calls or communicate with her at that time period. She never cut off contact with Tye…she had a roof top dinner with him the night before jetting off to shoot the Bachelor. This girl was still searching for an answer from Tye to keep her in Dallas hours before she introduces herself to Jason.

Also, God Bless her real friends, Reagan and Stefani! They seem to be true friends who stood up for Melissa when she couldn’t do it herself. I hope that she is there for them as much as they were for her. It says a lot about Reagan and Stefani’s character when they are both married and allowing their home to be open to their best friend when she is down and then in return be stood up when Tye happens to call. This shows what great friends they are and what great tolerance they have! I really pray that now that Melissa and Tye are in LA, she doesn’t forget who her REAL friends in Stefani and Reagan are and she is there for them ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! PS, Melissa: A Medevil Times 25th Birthday may not have been your ideal but at least they went out of their way for you to cheer you up and celebrate, can’t say the same for Tye!

In Summary, it is just really hard to wrap my head around the book. Melissa goes from her high school relationship (7 years), to dating without labeling their “relationship” with Tye (year and half) to “falling” for Jason on the Bachelor then returning home, getting dumped in January by Fiance #1 and engaged by June to fiance #2, Tye, who until JANUARY treated her like no woman deserves to be treated. All the while, she is pegging her journey as a FAIRY TALE!

I believe Melissa and Tye are good people that come from great families. I just don’t like that the perception of Melissa prior to her book was that she was all in the right and truly had her heart broken on the Bachelor. After reading this book, that is the furthest thing from the truth. She was never with anyone but Tye so there was no way that Jason could ever break her heart.

-By ske2212

I have been a fan of Melissa since her DCC days. I wanted to love this book and Melissa delivered! Great insight, I definitely recommend.

-By VHenderson

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